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What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is an online business listing created on Google’s that provides customers with important information about your business. 

The way it works is a customer will turn to search Google for a product or service in the local area. Google then provides a list of businesses relevant to that product or service. Customers can choose from the list of businesses, and this is where the competition begins. A profile with all details listed and up-to-date, with lots of good reviews will win the battle over its competitors.

Your profile is essentially your virtual storefront. It displays important information to the customer such as business name, address, phone number, and website in a user-friendly format. Make your store location easy to find by including your address so customers can easily navigate to your door via Google Maps.

Use your profile to open up another communication channel with customers. Receive feedback from customers online to demonstrate to potential customers the great work that your business does. At the same time, be responsive to negative reviews to show your willingness to resolve any issues.

Essential features for your profile.

A Google Business Profile includes valuable features for businesses that can boost online presence and foster customer engagement.

Business details

Display essential details for customers so they can easily find the information on your business that they need. This includes business name, location address, phone number, and website.

Photos and videos

Upload photos and videos to best represent your business. This content might showcase your products, services, and store. Make sure that they’re high-quality and engaging visuals because this is an online showroom.

Reviews and ratings

Collect reviews from customers to highlight to potential customers the great work that you do. There will be some negative reviews, but these can be mitigated by responding with empathy and resolution. Actively responding to all reviews shows customers that you care which builds customer satisfaction and trust.


Share updates, offers, and events directly on your Google Business Profile. This keeps customers updated and demonstrates that you’re an active communicator.

Insights and analytics

Harness the power of insights and data through your Google Business Profile. Find metrics on profile views, search queries, and customer actions to learn how customers are engaging with your business online. This can help you direct digital marketing efforts.

Google Business Profile for SEO.

Your Google Business Profile is one of the simplest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that you can implement. By doing so, you’ll help improve your online visibility and rank better on Google.

Including your store location registers your address with Google Maps, making it easier for Google to learn more about your business. All information you include in your Google Business Profile is information that Google uses to improve its knowledge of your business. The more information it learns and the simpler it is for Google to access that information then the higher it will rank your business in searches.

You can optimise your Google Business Profile for local SEO efforts. Include active keywords and relevant descriptions that mirror the terms customers search in your local area. This improves your discoverability when customers are on the hunt for certain products and services.

Being a Google product, Google Business Profiles integrate with the suite of Google tools, services and platforms. This is highly credited in Google’s eyes so creating a profile warrants a better ranking in their search engine.

Be active on your Google Business Profile to unlock the many benefits it provides for your Google ranking. At the end of the day, it’s your customers who’ll benefit.